About Us


First we dont offer loans, fast cash but we do have some advice on them.  DONT do it.  Its a cycle they’re going to give you a few hundred bucks and expect to be paid back 2 or 3 times that much in the next month or so.  Its not going to solve your problems but just add to them a little down the road.

Using their services will also likely put you into great financial strain and cost you thousands of dollars for years.  Do you want to buy a car in a few years?  Do you want to own a home?  You won’t if you’re paying them huge fees.

Look out for those loan offers that have you paying hundreds of dollars a week to “renew” the loan.  You’re not paying down the principal you’re just paying a fee to not pay on the loan which you’ll still owe.

They’ll auto bill your account and take the money you meant for food or shelter.  They’ll keep auto billing until they get what they want, even auto billing lower amounts than the payment just to get something.

Indian Tribes also now offer payday loans and claim they are free of financial regulation because they are sovereign nations.  Since they are so separate you also can just ignore them all together because a sovereign nation would have no standing in a United States court.