Grants Help But Cheaper Tuition Helps More

Picking A School That Matters

Considering that the average year at a public college costs about $25,000 $3000 in Pell Grant money doesn’t necessarily sound like much.  Its a process and as you gain more funds you’ll get closer to your goal amount.

And you get a degree after two years.

I’m going to plug my school.  I attended 4 brick and mortar real schools that today pay their head basketball coaches more than they pay surgeons who teach at medical school in my state.  Don’t get tunnel vision on where you should go to college.  It has been my experience that where you went generally means nothing to employers.  They expect they’ll have to train you on their environment anyhow and that degree your hold is just a symbol that you are mature enough to manage deadlines and deliver results when expected.

Personal Endorsement

Of those 4 schools I graduated from none.  I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Business Administration and a Master of Education from an online NONPROFIT university.  Nonprofit is key in this equation.  Ivy Tech is for profit, University of Phoenix is a for profit school, most online private universities are for profit and they profit well.  If you consider though the cost of attendance at the largest online private nonprofit university, Western Governors University you’ll understand my point.

WGU costs about $6500 a year.  They participate with the grant programs that all the other schools charging $25,000 but at Western Governors University that Pell Grant takes you to half of your tuition.  

Cut Your Debt In Half And Your Grant Search In Half

Their programs are fully accredited and they have programs in 4 areas, Health, Business, Education and Information Technology.  Now they don’t offer a degree in creative writing but no one needs a degree in creative writing.

WGU Graduates Map

Simply describing my experience…in 2011 I made $40,000 a year.  I graduated and changed jobs and made $50,000 in 2012. I graduated again and was salaried at $86,000 in 2013.  I finished my second masters degree and in 2015 I was making $93,000.  Now there are other factors but consider, in less than 5 years I finished 3 degrees and more than doubled my income.  So I endorse them to anyone.

I’m getting no money from them to say this and I’m not a student there now.  I’m just telling you what Time magazine said was “The best, relatively cheapest college you’ve never heard of.”

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